Monday, June 8, 2009

My Network Printer Setup: Part 2

In Part 1, I went through the steps for setting up the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS).  Now I need to setup SAMBA so the Windows PCs on my network can see and use the printer.

First, backup the smb.conf file and make it read only:
sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.original
sudo chmod a-w /etc/samba/smb.conf.original

In the “########## Printing ##########” section, uncomment the lines for the CUPS printing:
printing = cups
printcap name = cups

In the “[printers]” section change “guest ok” to “yes” and add “use client driver = yes”.  Save and close the config file.

That should be all the changes necessary to the server in order to add the printer to the Windows XP PCs.

There are two more steps in order to get the printer working on each Windows XP client:

  1. Add the “Print Services for Unix” Windows component (through Add/Remove Programs –> Add/Remove Windows Components –> Other Network File and Print Services).
  2. Using the Add Printer wizard, I browsed for a printer and found the one attached to my server.  I set it as my default.

After picking the correct drivers, I tried printing a test page, and it worked.