Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Temp Cleanup

My hard drive space was getting low so I did some searching online and found out what could be deleted. Windows apparently keeps temp files in a few places, the main one being %TEMP%. Another place that unnecessary files can hide is %WINDIR%\SoftwareDistribution\Download (this is where Windows stores files from Windows Update). Windows also stores Window Update Install files at %WINDIR%\$NtUninstall* & %WINDIR%\$MSI31Uninstall*. If you don't plan to roll back any updates, these directories are safe to remove.

Chances are in 6 months I'll run into the same issue with space and have to search for this info again. Instead, I wrote a WPF program that has a few buttons that deletes the files in these places. The first version was a "get the job" done project, but I decided to do another version that just expands on the first one (making it possible for other people to use it). If anyone is interested in the program, comment or send me an email.